Safety is An Important Aspect In The Mining Industry, Based on The Indonesian Mining and Energy Ministry decree No. 555

“Do not trust anything! Just be careful!”

Accidents could happen anytime, anywhere. Especially at working place, you should always take care of yourself. That`s why, safeguard by safety officer was made. In  2015 all companies in Indonesia must have some professionals to manage their HSE as stated on The Indonesian Law, 2012.

So now, companies  need a person that have some qualifications in safety. There are many laws that talking about safety; but now, we`ll talk about The Indonesian Mining and Energy Ministry decree No. 555.K/26/M.PE/1995, on May 22nd 1995 on Safety and Health in General Mining. This decree is a reference for every company that also serve as the basic law of mining. But, we are not talking all about this decree now. We’ll just talk some parts of this decree that is the basic of this decree.

Part six, section 23, is telling about a regulation that dictates every mining company who  has manyemployees should establish a safety and health department under the supervision of the Technician Leader of The Mine. There are so many responsibilities of the safety and health department but one of the important things is to make sure that all employees are fine. But if  accidents happen, the first one that should care about it is The Department. The Department should collect the data and record all the details from every accidents or dangerous incidents, before the accidents, the causes of the accidents, analysis of the accidents and later suggests the prevention of future accidents. After that, The Department should make an evaluation so that it will not happen again. But first, the department should have an adjustment of safety aspects for all employees and it should inform all employees in  inductions. 

Besides, preventive activities should not only be done by The Department but also it should be taken care of by all employees in the company. Examples are, all employees should care and keep their safety and health by themselves, they should do all the instructions that has been given by the department for their safety and health, use safety tools and protection tools correctly, report all incidents and accidents to the department that are caused by their jobs.

Accidents could happen anywhere and anytime, but not every accident should be taken care (managed) by the department. The typical accident which should be managed by The Department usually have 5 characteristics, they are:
1.      Factual accidents.
2.      An employee of the company is having some problems with injuries.
3.      That causes from mining activities.
4.      The accident happens in the working time.
5.      The accident happens at the project or office of the mining company.
So, if there are accidents and they have the characteristics of those 5 things above, the department should care about the person and the accidents. After that the department should make an evaluation, so that the accident will not happen again.

Safety department should record accidents that happen on the project or office. All the records will be used for statistic evaluation, report for accreditation and other things. In section 47, accidents statistics should be made by safety department to be reported to the leader of the inspection project. The statistic should be made for every year based on the level of accidents. After that the statistic will be used for evaluation, so that the department can count the financial loss and hoping that they will not happen again.

Edited by Mr. Oetomo



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