Insvestment opportunity of Petroleum Mining in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the countries that has so many natural resources. One of them is gas and oil. Indonesia is rank 25th of oil and gas potential countries. Indonesia has 4.4 billion of barrels  of oil reserve. Now, Indonesia produces 1 million of barrels in a day, that’s make Indonesia is being rank 21st in the world.
There are four cities in Indonesia that produce huge amount of petroleum, they are:
1.       Riau is producing 365,827 barrels in a day. There are 6 blocks of oil fields in Riau that are producing the petroleum. They are Rokan, Mountain Front Kuantan, Siak block, Selat Panjang, Coastal Plains & Pekanbaru and Malacca Strait. All of them is being operated by Chevron, Petroselat, Pertamina, Bumi Siak Pusako, Sarana Pembangunan Riau, and Kondur Petroleum.
2.       East Kalimantan is producing 134,626 barrels in a day. There are 4 blocks of oil fields there. They are  Sanga-sanga, Mamburungan, Kutai and Mahakam. All of them is being operated by Total, Chevron, Vico, and Medco.
3.       Java Sea is producing 65,154 barrels in a day. There are 2 blocks of oil fields there. They are, Block A Offs and Southeast Sumatera Block. All of them is being operated by British Petroleum, Pertamina, CNOOC.
4.       Riau Archipelago is producing 61,575 barrels in a day. There are 4 blocks of oil fields there. They are Natuna Sea Block A, Natuna Sea Block B, South Natuna Sea Block A and Block Potensial Migas. All of them is being operated by Premier Oil, Conoco Philips, and Star Energy.

Based on those facts, we can conclude that most of Islands in Indonesia are producing huge amount of petroleum each day. Indonesia realizes that they have so many natural resources. But also, Indonesia realizes that they don’t have a lot of qualified human resources. That’s why, most of the petroleum projects are being operated by foreign companies. One of the things that is so important in petroleum mining is safety . Petroleum  mining is one of the jobs that have so many potentials of accidents. But that problem should not be an excuse for us not to work on this job. We have huge amount of natural resources and we have to explore it for our Indonesia and for ourselves. And also, we should realize that we are working to get income for our family that we love. But if we are working at unsafe places, how could we survive to get the income for  our lives? I don’t think so. Because of that, we need to improve the safety of our oil fields to reduce the accidents.
Based on the Indonesian law No. 1, 1970, about safety in the workplace, safety is needed by everyone, especially in petroleum mining. Every employees deserve a protection of their safety when working for their prosperity while increasing the national production, and productivity.
You can see all about inductions in the SNI 13-7083-2005.Situations and conditions on the mining location have special potential accidents upon everyone that come to the location, especially upon employees, new employees, exchange employees, and guests. based on the national standart every company should conduct induction to prepare everyone who visit the mining site. it means that safety is first priority and everyone need to know about how to keep their safety. A person that has the responsibility to give an induction should have a competence about safety. The Purposes of safety are to prevent and reduce accidents that can make financial loss. So that,  in this 2015, all companies should have a safeguard, its all exist in Indonesia Decree No. 1, 1970, and No. 50, 2012.
There are so many causes that can make accidents, its are :
1.       Unsafe condition. It comes from machines / tools are undercontraction or does not to use. Otherwise, its also come from some environments are not condusive to working, example brightness, and cleanliness are not good.
2.       Unsafe action. It comes from the personal of worker, example the workers does not have capability to use machines or tools.
3.       Worse of management system. Its about, there is not procedure system or a standart of safety in the company.
Three causes above are part of things that we should care about it. There are still so many causes about it. But, I will not tell you all about it, because I think, all I need to safe is a person that have a competence about safety, so that standart roles, and satandart equipment will be provide through the safety officer.

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