Environment is one of the important things for you to study

There are so many universities in the world that offer HSE programme. Certainly, each university has different programme to make it be unique. Based on my research, I have chosen some of the best universities that offer HSE programme. There are 3 universities. I have chosen these universities because of their reputations, achievements, experiences, and links for their graduates. Certainly, those universities are good for you if you want to continue your study in the postgraduate level. They are Protelium Institute at Abu Dhabi, Swansea at London, and Monash University at Australia,

At this point, I will not tell you how good each of the university is, because I believe that you have an internet connection to see the official website of each of the university. Through the official website you will get all the information that you need. So? Why am I writing this article? Don’t worry! Be calm. At this point, I will tell you about the other side that will be your consideration, based on their lifestyle, location and other things.

First, we will talk about Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate. Who doesn’t know The UAE? Exactly, if you are moslem, you know about this country. Ka`bah is there. Most of the moslem in the world are wishing to go to The UAE to perform their utmost worship or as known as “The Hajj”. So, if you continue your study at Abu Dhabi, UAE, you will be able to perform your Umrah or Hajj easier and you’ll just need to spend a small amount of your money for accommodation. But if you are not a moslem, you could go for a holiday and learn the history of Islam. The other side that you should know that, it is tax-free there. Besides, Abu Dhabi is multicultural, not only in Protelium Institute but the whole place is multicultural. Abu Dhabi just have 20% of native peoples, while the other 80% come from another countries. It`s because Abu Dhabi is located on a trade route. This is a unique condition that caused the native people to become a minority in their country. That is also why English is used in daily lives for communication there. So, I think, you might be happy if your English is not really good. Maybe some people there are the same like you, still learning on how to communicate better with others.

Second University is Swansea in London. As you know, London is part of The UK. UK have many famous universities in the world. There you will see so many universities, so it means that so many students come to The UK  to study at those universities there. Otherwise, London has more native people compared to Abu Dhabi. Exactly, English is a part of their daily lives and all people are good in their English. At this point, your English will improve as fast as it can ever be. You should know that London have 4 seasons and cold will be dominant in one of the seasons. Because of that, you should realize that you should keep your healthy at the particular season. I think you better consider the possibility for you to catch hypothermia, because it will affect your study.

Third is Monash University in Australia. Australia still has a strong culture. There you will learn about Australia’s culture because the majority are the native people. You should know that Australian English is different with British English. So, you will have to adapt as fast as you can because it will be more important in your daily live. There so many free recreation sites in Australia. So if you like to have fun, this country will provide you with great nature that you can appreciate.
That’s all little explanation about the country. At the last, I want to say that you have to choose university with good location and good environment. Because the influence of the environment is one of the major things that will help your study.

Edited by Mr. Oetomo



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